Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Noir of the Week in July!

Next week we're breaking out the big guns! Summer is here and it's time for our regular contributors to take a summer break. So in July some of our favorite film writers have agreed to let us publish some of their best essays on film noir. Some of you will remember these articles from the most popular film noir books out there.

We'll have contributions from Eddie Muller, Spencer Selby, Alan K. Rode, and Barry Gifford (maybe even a few more). You'll have to wait and see which movies will be discussed.


one is a film featuring three big noir stars
another is a fantastic cop-on-the-edge thriller
and one is a Hollywood-noir starring one of the greats!

The writers:

Spencer Selby published his book Dark City in 1984. The book is one that every noir fan should own.

Eddie Muller is the Czar of Noir. His Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir book is one of my personal favorites filled with gritty inside stories.

Alan K. Rode is a familiar name from the old Blackboard. His book on Charles McGraw is coming out in the fall (guess who stars in his NOTW?)

Barry Gifford's book Out of the Past: Adventures in Film Noir is simply one of the best written books on film. His writing is better than some of the films he talks about. You may own the book under it's original title, "The Devil Thumbs a Ride and Other Unforgettable Films."

July's gonna be worth getting out of bed for.

(from Blind Spot, by the way. It's not a Noir of the Week but I still love it)


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